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Training - Getting started with CaptainCasa Enterprise Client

We just finished our 4 online training sessions in langauge “German”. Please finde the recordings HERE.

Please note: there will be four online training sessions in English as well, each with a duration of 1 hour. The dates are July 8,9,10,11 at 4pm. Please register by short mail to Participation is free of charge.

XVIII. CaptainCasa Community Meeting - Thank you!

Thanks to so many of you having taken part at this year’s Community Meeting. Special thanks to these three of you having presented their applications based on CaptainCasa to the community.

For us – and we believe: for all participants – this was an inspiring day! Directly seeing you, receiving your feeback – this is some extra portion of motivation. So: let’s keep on going!

XVIII. CaptainCasa Community Meeting, 13 June 2024

This year’s CaptainCasa Community Meeting is taking place at Thursday, 13 June 2024, in Schwetzingen, close to Heidelberg, Germany. Everyone is invited who is using CaptainCasa, who is interested in CaptainCasa Enterprise Client or who is interested in Web-UI technologies in general. Please find more information about the event HERE.

Take a look into our "light style"

A new “light style” was introduced – please take a look into our demo – HERE.

Using "HotSwapAgent" for continuous development

From begin on CaptainCasa Enterprise Client provided a Hot Deployment which is based on dynamic class loader concepts. Now there is an alternative which uses the “HotSwapAgent” virtual machine. Read details HERE.

CaptainCasa Blog

All news and updates are available in the CaptainCasa Blog.

We believe that

User Interfaces are key to your successful application

If something is well constructed, it looks clean, structured and beautiful.

CaptainCasa Enterprise Client

CaptainCasa Enterprise Client is a web front-end platform for demanding, long term oriented business and industry applications. It enables you to develop highly interactive web applications – without the need to learn JavaScript or any other browser technology. Server-side Java is all you need to know.

Java only development

No JavaScript, no client side coding, no assembling of HTML/CSS. - Server-side Java, that's it.

Development efficiency

Design your frontend by using a graphical editor. Directly bind your server-side application logic. Use Java for the "if-then-else"-parts and for dynamically created front-end parts.

Structured front-end

Automatically develop a highly structured UI - and no nightmare of scripting-code. Each part of your front-end is a re-usable unit to live in other parts.

Long term lifecycle support

We know that your application's lifecycle may easily last longer than 15 years! And we know how to save you investments.

Boring stuff "built in"

Multi language, multi date formats, timezone management, different styles for different users, personalized grids, ... - yes, included!

Excellent Performance

CaptainCasa Enterprise Client is designed to serve operationally used applications - and meets the user expectations towards speed and stability.

Check out the demo server...

Our ONLINE DEMO SERVER provides “tons of demos” – from presenting individual controls up to providing application scenarios.

...or install locally and get into it!

INSTALLATION is very simple and you get everything: the demo server, the development tools: you can jump-start into developing your first application dialogs!


Download & Install

3 minutes (Windows), 5 minutes (Linux, MacOS)


View demos locally

10 minutes


Start development

View tutorials 15 minutes - and go!

Enterprise Client in use

CaptainCasa is not an anonymous supplier of its framework but is your partner for user interface issues. Your feedback flows back into development. Join the CAPTAINCASA COMMUNITY and receive quick reactions on requests you might have during development.

We love small development teams that achieve big things!

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