General documentation

Project Setup

Demo Workplace

  • Demo Workplace
    • The central resource for getting to know the components in detail – many examples, many XML definitions and many Java code snippets…

Specific Documentation

CaptainCasa Addons

  • Addon Components
    • The Addons-package contains useful components being pre-built by CaptainCasa as Page Bean Components.
    • The JavaDoc for the addons is available HERE
  • CCEE CaptainCasa “Enterprise Edition”
    • The CCEE library is a usefule collection of server side frameworks to simplify application development: managing persistence, job scheduling, etc.
    • The JavaDoc for the CCEE package is available HERE
  • CaptainCasa Spring Integration
    • Usage of Spring, so that for example UI-classes are loaded by Spring context definitions.
  • Cluster and Version Manager
    • Simple setup of cluster scenarios, in which multiple nodes take over the processing
    • Management of versions in a way that system upgrades do not interrupt users

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