Java only development

CaptainCasa Enterprise Client is a web front-end platform for demanding, long term oriented business and industry applications. CaptainCasa Enterprise Client enables you to develop highly interactive web applications – without the need to learn JavaScript or any other browser technology. Server-side Java is all you need to know.


Enterprise Client Parts

CaptainCasa Enterprise Client consists out of two parts:

The browser side is a generic rendering engine, internally being based on HTML/JavaScript. It renders application dialog definitions that are sent from the server side and collects corresponding user input to be processed on server-side. The rendering engine comes with a huge set of graphical controls – and can be easily extended. From topology point of view the rendering client is a Single Page Application (SPA) – i.e. a “pure JavaScript program” running in the browser.

The server side, in which you place the interaction processing of your application, is pure and simple Java processing. It runs in any JEE-Servlet-based environment (Tomcat, Spring Boot, JBoss, …). Dialogs can be defined statically (XML definition) or dynamically (by Java program). Dialogs are simple Java programs and can be nested and re-used flexibly.


A comprehensive set of tools is supporting the development: a Layout Editor for WYSIWYG-editing dialog definitions, a code generator for doing the “boring coding”, a literal manager for defining and translating literal texts, a hot deployment center for continuous development – and many tools more. The actual Java-development is done in the IDE of you choice (Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, …).


Layout Editor for WYSIWYG-editing of dialogs

Core Features

Core features of CaptainCasa Enterprise Client are:

  • high level of interactivity and responsiveness – your front-end feels like a native user interface
  • extraordinary cross browser / cross device compatibility
  • great performance, low data volume that is exchanged between browser and server
  • extremely rich library of controls – with controls already tailored for being used in the context of business applications
  • very simple and efficient programming – Java is all you need, no client side coding, no JavaScript programming
  • rich set of tools – including WYSIWYG Layout Editor and hot-deployment processor
  • excellent long-term stability of the framework – for application life cycles of > 10 years
  • direct integration into existing Java-frameworks (JEE, Spring, Spring Boot, …)
  • use-able in on premise and cloud infrastructures

Dialogs consistently run on desktops, tablets and phone browsers. A rich set of controls is available directly supporting responsive design.


Typical Usage

CaptainCasa Enterprise Client is designed to serve as operationally used front-end environment, targeting employees and power users. It is used in applications systems like:

  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
  • MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • HR – Human Resources
  • Financials/Controlling

The following documentation (available in English and German) provides some overview information about the framework CaptainCasa Enterprise Client RISC:

doc_en doc_de

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