CaptainCasa Enterprise Client ensures:

  • a longterm robustness and a longterm browser/device compatibility
  • an excellent performance and a new level of freedom of layouting for the front-end part of your business application.
  • an efficiency of development and maintenance

This all comes with an extremely low level of development and maintenance effort. Java is all you have to know as developer!

CaptainCasa was and is designed to serve applications running with a long life cycle (>> 10 years). Users of CaptainCasa who developed their application dialogs in the year 2007, when CaptainCasa was founded, still use the same dialogs and the same logic in the year 2022!


CaptainCasa Enterprise Client RISC overcomes the HTML limits of developing demanding web front-ends  – by architecture! The core of the front-end architecture is our >RISC-HTML< method, which is embedded into the context of  a server side UI processing.

The client of CaptainCasa (“CC Client”) follows the concept of a Single Page Application (SPA) – which means: no classical page-reloading but desktop-like interactivity. The client itself is a generic rendering engine that communicates via Web Service to the server where the actual dialog processing of the application is located. The server side processing is embedded in standard JEE processing – and is running in Tomcat, Jetty, Spring Boot, JBoss etc. containers.


Please find more details about CaptainCasa Enteprirse Client >HERE<.

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