CaptainCasa provides a couple of services in the area of its Enterprise Client framework.


The “first steps” are remote services – and free of charge. We arrange some screen sharing session with you, typical duration: 30 minutes. There are two standard sessions:

…in a Nutshell:

  • In this session we demonstrate what CaptainCasa Enteprise Client RISC is, what the technology behind looks like and what application development looks like.

Development of Dialogs:

  • In this session we demonstrate how to develop dialogs: defining the layout, attaching the Java code, navigating between pages, …


This is “learning by doing”! You define a certain scenario (4-5 screens of your application project) – and we use this scenario as red line for getting to know CaptainCasa Enterprise Client. After 2 days you know “everything” about the framework and you receive some running prototype version of your scenario, that you may use to show to others or to internally evaluate.

Workshop participants are required to be active Java-developers. Management may join the first 2 hours of the first day for getting the basics, and the last hour of the second day to check results.

(…the German name of this workshop is “Druckbetankung”…!)


CaptainCasa and its community partners may support you during the project.

CaptainCasa resources typically are used in the starting phase, when architectural definitions are made, and then, later on, for reviews and special tasks (e.g. development of special controls).

Community partners are providing implementation services, so you may outsource parts of your application development to them.



Based on a long and excellent cooperation with a partner in Bulgaria we can offer development services for CaptainCasa-based applications. Developers in Bulgaria are in close contact with CaptainCasa and are regularly trained on new features. CaptainCasa serves as backbone for both UI-related questions and for architectural questions. – Currently (2022) 25 Bulgarian developers are full time working for CaptainCasa projects. Developers’ skills include Java, CaptainCasa and Server-side-frameworks (JPA, Hibernate, REST, …). Developers are used to work in JIRA/- Confluence-/ Trello-/ etc.- environments and are used to communicate via Zoom/ Skype/ Teams/ …

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