CaptainCasa GmbH and the CaptainCasa Community were founded in 2007.


  • 2007: CaptainCasa GmbH and CaptainCasa Community were founded
    • 1st CaptainCasa Community Meeting in Stuttgart
  • 2008: Release of CaptainCasa Enterprise Client – Swing
    • J2EE based server processing
    • Java Swing based client processing
  • 2013: Release of CaptainCasa Enterprise Client – JavaFX
    • (no change in server processing)
    • Java FX based client processing
  • 2015
    • 10th CaptainCasa Community Meeting in Heidelberg
  • 2016: Release of CaptainCasa Enterprise Client RISC
    • (no change in server processing)
    • pure HTML (“RISC-HTML”) based client processing

The CaptainCasa client frameworks were kept compatible throughout the various client technology updates. The transfer of an application written in 2007 using the Java Swing Client into an HTML based application is easily possible – and does not require any re-coding or re-definition of dialogs!

CaptainCasa GmbH
Hindedmithweg 13
D-69245 Bammental
Phone: +49 6223 484147