June 13, 2024 – Community Meeting – Save the date!

This year’s Community Meeting will take place at Thursday, June 13. – The location of the meeting is Schwetzingen, close to Heidelberg. We will provide detailed information about the agenda...


Take a look into our “light style”

We created a new “light style” that is provided as default style. Please take a look into our demo: Click into image – or click HERE  


Using “HotSwapAgent” fot hot deployment during development

From beginning on CaptainCasa provided a sophisticated hot deployment mechanism that is a significant accelerator during development: after changing your Java code you do not have to rebuild and restart...


Storing runtime configuration variants

There is a new component that stores runtime configuration data. To be honest: this does not sound super-interesting… But: wait a second! Let’s explain the component using the default grid...


Drag & Drop – a nice new feature…(!)

Drag & drop is not the number one area for finding great new features… – But: wouldn’t it be nice to immediately see where you can drop an item while...


Recording videos by the client’s camera

The new component CAMERARECORDER is super-simple to use and manages the recording of videos by using the client’s camera and microphone. Videos are uploaded directly after recording to the server-side...


Sending notifications

The new NOTIFICATION component enables and simplifies the sending of notification messages to the browser client. Notifications are shown as separate dialog which is managed by the operating system. Their...



Thanks to all of you having participated at yesterday’s community meeting in Schwetzingen! Meeting you in person, receiving your feed back directly, discussing with you new features and feature requests...

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