There is a new component that stores runtime configuration data. To be honest: this does not sound super-interesting… But: wait a second! Let’s explain the component using the default grid of CaptainCasa’s component library. The user can:

  • rearrange the column sequence
  • decide which columns are visible and which not
  • resize the columns
  • sort the columns
  • in an extended version of the grid: define filters for each column

The new component plugs to the grid and stores all this configuration as a so called “usage variant”. The user can define several of these “usage variants” and can re-apply the corresponding configuration by simply double-clicking the variant.


One variant can be selected as default variant – and is invoked when accessing the grid.

The component that manages these usage variants is based on a super-simple Java-API.

    public interface IExtractApply
       public String extractData();
       public void applyData(String variantData);

So the component is not bound to managing the CaptainCasa’s grid configuration only! You can use the component for any aspect of your application where the user defines some runtime configuration that might be stored in order to simplify the usage of your application.

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