New document “CaptainCasa Enterprise Client RISC in a Nutshell”

We published some overview information about out framework “Enterprise Client RISC”. (Click onto the image in order to view the document.)

New Beta-Download available (20160530_3)

Week by week we publish our updated beta-download. This week’s update contains a lot of small issues and enhancements that we found during testing. …and it contains one big issue:...

New Beta-Download available (20160523)

We just published this week’s update. Updating is simple: just install the update on top of the existing version (if you have already installed one). Then open your project in...

CaptainCasa Enterprise Client RISC – Beta Download available

Up to now the RISC part of CaptainCasa Enteprise Client always was included in the “big” CaptainCasa installation. Now we in addition provide a RISC installation – which is much...

Demo Server

We updated our demo server and the demo workplace, in which the controls and programming concepts are demonstrated. Please follow the links behind the images:

…from development: focus management

The focus management was the central issue of last week’s development activities – results are part of today’s update 20160509. HTML only comes with a simple but limited tab sequence...

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