Selecting a user interface framework for an application is a decision with long term consequences. As consequence, CaptainCasa is organized as a corporate community, in which companies regularly meet in order to drive the product’s direction and in order to exchange and share knowhow. It’s just a good idea, to meet “the others” – even if “the other’s” application may be in competition with the own one!

Community members meet physically once per quarter and are connected through a forum and mailing lists.


Current community members are mid range European software companies with own application / solution offering. The following industries are covered:

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Sales and Distribution Logistics
  • Production Logistics
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • Identification Systems
  • Human Resources

Interested in becoming a community member? Please contact:



  • Contact CaptainCasa – and get to know who we are. We provide technically oriented get-to-know sessions – in which we explain our technology and what’s behind.
  • Check and join our discussions in the FORUM. Also tell us here about bugs and inconveniences you might experience.
  • Join our yearly community meeting, typically taking place in June in Schwetzingen (close to Heidelberg).
  • Or leave a review about CaptainCasa Enterprise Client e.g. at SourceForge or Slashdot.

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Phone: +49 6223 484147