Community meeting at June 21st – Save the date!

We scheduled this year’s community meeting for June 21st 2023 (Wednesday). The location is the same as in the previous years: Schwetzingen, close to Heidelberg. – Please save the date!

New animation component – Content “flying in”

A new component in the area of “useful animations for business applications” was added. The FLYINCONTENTAREA component. Changes to some content area are animated by “flying in” the changes from...

New document “Security Guide”

The CaptainCasa runtime contains many functions ensuring the security of your web application. We now collected and condensed information about these functions into a technical document on its own –...

Hot Deployment – Emphasizing how important it is…

“Hot Deployment” is the key to development efficiency for big projects! It reduces the duration between changing the code and testing it significantly. In the following “video from the labs”…...

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