Online Demo “Structured Datapool Manager”

We published a demo application “Structure Datapool Manager” and made it available via our demo server. Please test-drive: (Click onto the image for starting the demo)   How to use:...

Update 20160725 available

This week’s update is available. Please download via the DOWNLOAD PAGE.

CaptainCasa Toolset – Update

Part of 6.0 is a polish up of our toolset. The toolset includes: a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Layout Editor for graphically editing your dialogs a...

Release 6.0 is available

We today published Release 6.0 of CaptainCasa Enterprise Client RISC. This is the first release officially including the RISC based HTML-client. Thanks to all having participated in the last weeks...

New download 20160704 – the last Beta!

We published a new download version – with the number 20160704. This is our last beta version! The next update will be the product version of “CaptainCasa Enterprise Client RISC”....

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