The new component CAMERARECORDER is super-simple to use and manages the recording of videos by using the client’s camera and microphone. Videos are uploaded directly after recording to the server-side in order to be processed within your application.


The implementation consists out of: dropping the component into your page, defining its size – and deciding on Java-server-side how to process the video file. Of course, security is managed properly by the component – so that the user has to agree to the usage of both the client’s camera and the client’s microphone. The component automatically detects the available video and audio devices and lets the user select in case there is a choice.

What are the business scenarios for this component? Or is it just a “for fun”-component? – The concrete demand for the component is a quite nice one: in some scenarios the signing of a document must be recorded by a camera, so that it’s documented that the signature was done by the right person. – And of course there are lots of other scenarios: recording videos in the area of maintenance to better explain incidents. Recording questions of users during Q&A sessions. Documenting symptoms in the area of medical applications…

The component is available for desktop and mobile devices. The format of recording may depend on the client device.

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