Talking about bugs is not a perfectly nice topic. But that’s what this text is about…

Some client side bugs are difficult to reproduce: they show up within your application but there might be problems to reproduce them within a simple context. Your application typically has quite some server dependencies, so it’s not really simple to transfer it to us…

We now provide a solution which already improved the level of service that we can five significantly within our Swing and FX client:


In your application you switch a certain record mode to “on” – and then you use the application just as normal. All http traffic (including image, JavaScript, …) is recorded into the file system. After having navigated and having experienced the (potencial) bug, you send the recorded files to us.

We are now able to run the client against a server, which takes all of its responses out of the previously recorded files. In other words: your server is simulated exactly in the same way it behaved when you recorded the information.

Please find detailed information here:


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