On the one hand the user selects an item within the grid – and wants to see detail data for the currently selected item. On the other hand loading detail data may be expensive on server side. Up to now you could differentiate between a “lightweight selection” (single click/touch, cursor navigation) and a “heavyweight selection” (double click/long touch, return key). But: the “heavyweight selection” required some explicit activity by the user.

We now introduced a nice alternative: the automated delayed selection. The user still can quickly navigate through the grid (e.g. by cursor up/down-keys), but: as soon as he/she stops with navigating for a certain duration, then a “heavyweight selection” is executed automatically, without requiring further user activity. As consequence it is made sure that the correct detail data is shown for a selected item, without executing the expensive loading of detail data with each step of navigation.


Please check the corresponding demo within the demo workplace (“New Functions”-area).

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