The CaptainCasa tools now automatically detect the adequate level of re-loading runtime classes when applying changes during development. The very fast “Hot Deployment” is executed by default – a full re-load of the application is only done if really required.

For deploying your changes to the server-runtime there is only one central button left:


Dependent on the changes there are three different scenarios:

  • The server-runtime does not require any re-loading at all (example: only resources were changed)
  • The server-runtime is hot-deployed: only the UI classes are re-loaded – the “heavy” business logic is kept up and running. This is the typical case when developing UI classes.
  • The server-runtime is re-loaded: the whole web application re-loaded. This is the typical case when changing the system as a whole (e.g. adding new libraries) or when e.g. updating database-related classes.

The automated detection is a significant simplification during development – before developers had to manually select the level of re-loading.

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