We would like to invite you for an online info/feedback meeting. It is about a special topic in which we want to position the CaptainCasa Framework a little stronger: the design of a workplace that has access to dialogs from various services. Let’s call it a “cross-service workplace”.

Scenarios are for example:
1. Merging of non-CaptainCasa dialogs with CaptainCasa dialogs
2. Merging of CaptainCasa dialogs from various CaptainCasa applications
3. General mixing of UIs of different services

Or something more abstract: the merging of micro-frontends (== dialogs of a micro-service) into a multi-layered user workstation. Lovely CaptainCasa has not only thought about this, but also hacked something – and that’s exactly what I want to show you – and subject it to your feedback.

The meeting takes place at Thursday, Oct 28th, at 15:00h (German time zone). Expected duration: 45 minutes. Please check all the details, including the Zoom-link >HERE<.

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