From April 2nd on the official delivery of CaptainCasa Enterprise Client includes the Beta-version of the “RISC” client. The public availability is scheduled for end of Q2/2016.

When using the current Beta-version then…:

  • First of all: please let us know – and contact us (
  • Follow the normal procedure to create projects, to create dialogs, to add Java behind the dialogs, to manage internationalization, etc. etc.
  • Please find documentation here. Open the menu item “Learn” in order to access tutorials and much more.

View the dialogs in the browser by appending “.risc” to the corresponding page name:

  • If your web project is “myproject” and your page is “test1.jsp” then the URL to open the page in the browser is: “http://localhost:50000/myproject/test1.risc?ccstyle=defaultrisc”.
  • If your page resides in a sub-folder of the web content of your project (e.g. “/pages/test1.jsp”) then slashes (“/”) must be replaced by dots (“.”): “http://localhost:50000/myproject/pages.test1.risc?ccstyle=defaultrisc”

Within the URL you have to define a style. There are two styles currently:

  • “ccstyle=defaultrisc” – a modern, flat, edged style
  • “ccstyle=ccclassicrisc” – a classic style

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