Dear community,

we will not allow this year to pass by without having met as community! Too many things have happened inside our framework that require to be communicated – and too many things have happened on your side to be communicated back to us.

So we decided to close this year with an online version of the community meeting. The meeting is split up into 3 sessions, each one lasting 1 hour. The sessions start at:

  • Thursday, Dec 3rd, 15:00h (German time)
  • Thursday, Dec 10th, 15:00h
  • Thursday, Dec 17th, 15:00h

Please check and save the dates. All logistics details are available in the forum: please click >HERE<.



Meeting you “online” will not be the same experience as our normal, “real” meeting! (And there is no evening event the day before…) But: let’s give a try! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Björn + Team

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Phone: +49 6223 484147