Sending notifications

The new NOTIFICATION component enables and simplifies the sending of notification messages to the browser client. Notifications are shown as separate dialog which is managed by the operating system. Their...


Thanks to all of you having participated at yesterday’s community meeting in Schwetzingen! Meeting you in person, receiving your feed back directly, discussing with you new features and feature requests...

Community meeting at June 21st – Details

Please find details on this year’s Community Meeting HERE. Everyone is invited to join who is interested in CaptainCasa Enterprise Client and/or is interested in Web-frontend technology in general. The...

New component for auto-hiding/-sizing content

Some content should show up for some while – and then disappear, or then shrink to some small size? That’s the purpose of the new component SIZEANMIATIONAREA. Any content can...

Community meeting at June 21st – Save the date!

We scheduled this year’s community meeting for June 21st 2023 (Wednesday). The location is the same as in the previous years: Schwetzingen, close to Heidelberg. – Please save the date!

New animation component – Content “flying in”

A new component in the area of “useful animations for business applications” was added. The FLYINCONTENTAREA component. Changes to some content area are animated by “flying in” the changes from...

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