Page Bean Component Controls

It is now possible to implement Page Bean Components in a simple way, that makes them directly use-able as “real” controls. Example: the following control… …is internally implemented as Page...

Setting up Spring Boot version of CaptainCasa Toolset

The CaptainCasa Toolset is available as SpringBoot application that can be loaded via Maven. As consequence you can automatically run exactly the version of the toolset that is required by...

Refactoring tool

Changing the name of a page bean class, of a layout XML definition or of an SVG image means that you have to update direct and indirect references within you...


Thanks to all of you who did send best wishes before and congratulations after last Sunday’s roadbike event – the “Ötztaler Radmarathon”. In short: it was a phantastic day –...

Hype-resistent Web-Frontends

Take a look into this article published in “Informatik Aktuell” (in German) : (Click into image or >OPEN HERE<)

Default style update

We moderately updated our default style following “material design”-principles. Changes include: More space inside data grids Rounded popup borders Light background color behind input fields Buttons with border and mini-shadow...

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